Common Space Policy


  • Roommate: Students sharing a bedroom.
  • Suitemate: Students in a shared living unit with private bedroom.


When a resident accepts an assignment in a shared living unit with a private bedroom, all suitemates must be conscious of the needs and concerns of each other. It is important to be open and flexible with your differences of opinion and always be willing to compromise. If a suitemate would like an overnight guest, as a courtesy he/she should always consult others living in his/her apartment to set guidelines for use of shared space. All sides should take each others concerns seriously and work together to bridge differences.

  • Residents are allowed to have guests for up to three consecutive nights in any given week and no more than 9 nights in any calendar month.
  • As a courtesy, it is requested that you seek the permission and understanding of any suitemates you may have in advance of your guest's arrival. However, there is no need to have this permission in written format.
  • Overnight guests in accommodations with shared sleeping spaces, (Sidney-Pacific Quads), must have the permission of all roommates and suitemates.
  • The host student(s) is (are) responsible for the conduct of her/his guests including damages caused by them.
  • Residents are collectively responsible for their own conduct as well as the conduct of their guests.
  • Sleeping overnight in the public areas (e.g., lounges) is prohibited.
  • Consideration should be given to the rights of roommates/suitemates, at all times.
  • Sidney Pacific will allow guests to stay longer than the standard 3 days in a given week in graduate houses under the following guidelines:
  1. A resident is required to gain the permission of the housemaster or house manager anytime the guest stay is longer than 3 days, for a maximum of 7 additional days. Permission will be contingent on agreement of the suitemate, and will likely not be granted for residents in quads whose roommates are not away. Permission needs to be requested more than 48 hours in advance of the first night of the additional stay.
  2. Under special circumstances a resident may request permission from the House Manager and Housemaster to extend the stay longer than 10 days at 7-day increments.