Welcome to the SP Recycling Webpage
Reduce, reuse, and recycle: Think about ways to reduce the amount of trash you generate. While recycling is better than discarding, reusing before recycling is even more environmentally friendly.


In SP, there are three groups of recyclables. Follow the links for more detailed information.
  1. Paper and Commingles (plastic, glass, metal)
  2. Compostables
  3. Technotrash
Proper Recycling Procedure

Paper and commingles should be taken to the large recycling bins on each floor. They should be relatively clean or else the entire bin will be discarded as trash due to contamination. Plastic bags and styrofoam should not go in the bins as MIT does not recycle these items. There is a basket in the lobby for reusing plastic bags, and Shaw's collects plastic bags for recycling in a bin near the self-checkout area.

Compost should be taken to the yellow compost bin behind the courtyard by the loading dock.

Small technotrash items should be taken to the technocycle bins in the game room. Large items should be taken to the loading dock.

Please email sp-environment-chair@mit.edu with any questions.