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SP-Anno for Wednesday, October 21st, 2020


SP events and notices:

SP Notices

1.  Interest Groups + SPontaneous Events

E-mail: sp-interestgroups-chair

Wednesday, Jan 6, 11:59-11:59pm, Your room!.
Tl;dr: You could get your home cooking and/or takeout reimbursed (up to $14) if you cook and share your recipe OR write an awesome food review and submit it here:

SPOCC is expanding to feature BOTH recipes AND food reviews written by SidPaccers on local food businesses all around Boston! SPOCC will continue on its current Facebook page: and will gather all SidPac foodies to discuss recipes, takeouts, seek advice, post questions, etc.  More...

E-mail: sp-brunch-chair

Recurring Events

1.  Coffee Hour
Wednesday, Aug 12, 8:30-10pm, Zoom:
Zoom password: coffee

Join us in the first thirty minutes to chat with other residents individually preparing fruit and snacks. RSVP'd participants will have fruit delivered to their door during this time, with a selection of tea available on each floor. Remote participants can be reimbursed for snack food!

From 9pm to 10pm, join us for breakout rooms focused on different web games, discussion, and other activities while enjoying food!

RSVP here:

E-mail: sp-coffeehr-chair
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