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SP-Anno for Wednesday, November 21st, 2018


SP events and notices:

Sunday, Nov 25, 7-10pm: SP Musical Movie Series: Hairspray
Wednesday, Nov 28, 9-10pm: Indian Themed Coffee Hour

SP Events

1.  SP Musical Movie Series: Hairspray
Sunday, Nov 25, 7-10pm, 5th Floor TV Lounge.
Join us for the SP Musical Movie Series! We will be watching a musical roughly every other week. This time, we will be showing Hairspray. Pizza provided at each event.

E-mail: sp-hallchair

2.  Indian Themed Coffee Hour
Wednesday, Nov 28, 9-10pm, Sidney Pacific MP Room.
Indian Themed Coffee Hour on Nov 28. Sponsored by Sidney Pacific Residential Life and MIT Sangam

E-mail: sp-coffeehr-chair

SP Notices

1.  Contribute to the SP Newsletter!
Do you have a topic that you are passionate about? Do you want to share your artwork/photography/video with the SP community? Do you want to share interesting facts about anything? The monthly SP Newsletter crowdsources material to publish from the SP community -- we ask for as little as 3 sentences and an image! Please reach out to the Newsletter Chair to start a conversation about how you can contribute!

E-mail: sp-newsletter-chair

Recurring Events

1.  Budokon Yoga
Wednesday, Sep 5, 7-8pm, Owu Room.
Budokon Yoga involves the mix of strength training, flexibility and meditation. It is inspired by traditional yoga and some animal locomotion movements to incorporate a balanced practice into your life. Join the mailing list at

E-mail: geeticka

2.  Coffee Hour
Wednesday, Sep 12, 9-10:30pm, Multi Purpose Room.
Coffee-Hour is SP's most regular social event. It takes place every Wednesday evening at 9pm during the semester. Preparation begins at 8pm. There will be food, music, and good company. Stay tuned for special coffee hours with exciting themes/activities and/or collaborations with MIT groups across campus.

E-mail: sp-coffeehr-chair

3.  SPEC Office Hour
Monday, Sep 24, 8:15-9pm, SP Lobby.
Come meet SPEC! Every Monday from 8:15 pm to 9 pm!

E-mail: sp-sysadmin

4.  Yoga Class
Sunday, Nov 4, 4-5pm, Multi-Purpose Room.
Come join us for yoga!

E-mail: sp-athletics-chair

5.  BollyX Class
Monday, Nov 5, 8-9pm, Multi-Purpose Room.
Need a break from research? Try out the BollyX Fitness class!

E-mail: sp-athletics-chair

6.  High Intensity Interval Training
Thursday, Nov 8, 7-8pm, SP Gym.
Come get your heart rate up with HIIT classes! All levels welcome!

E-mail: sp-athletics-chair