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SP-Anno for Monday, July 16th, 2018


SP events and notices:

Monday, Jul 16, 7-8pm: CoSI Evening with Representative Jay Livingstone
Sunday, Jul 22, 7-9:30pm: Summer Musical Movie Series: The Music Man

SP Events

1.  CoSI Evening with Representative Jay Livingstone
Monday, Jul 16, 7-8pm, Seminar Room.
Come join us for an insightful conversation about criminal justice reform in our district, and find out how the recent amendment H.4011 affects you!

Speaker: State Representative Jay Livingstone
RSVP Required:
Contact: Rohini Shivamoggi (
Dinner will be served!

E-mail: sp-cosi-chair
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2.  Summer Musical Movie Series: The Music Man
Sunday, Jul 22, 7-9:30pm, 5th Floor TV Lounge.
Join us this summer for a musical movie series! We'll be watching a musical roughly every other Sunday evening. Pizza provided at each event!

E-mail: sp-hallchair

Recurring Events

1.  Budokon Yoga Spring
Thursday, Feb 1, 7-8pm, OWU Room (Reading Room).
A class taught by SP resident Geeticka Chauhan.

Budokon Yoga is a variant of yoga incorporating poses influenced by martial arts and animal locomotion. The class will teach participants pose sequences from this discipline, and overall aid in flexibility, balance, and strength.

E-mail: sp-athletics-chair

2.  Yoga
Friday, Apr 20, 4-5pm, Multipurpose Room.
Yoga for Sidney Pacific!
Taught by Melanie Smithers from MIT Recreation.

E-mail: sp-athletics-chair

3.  High Intensity Interval Training
Friday, Apr 20, 7-8pm, SP Gym.
High Intensity Interval Training is an athletics class offered by SP via MIT Recreation.

This class is open to all SP residents and coaches participants through a strength and bodyweight training circuit.

With regular attendance, participants should gain increased cardio stamina, leaner muscle tone, and greater flexibility.

E-mail: sp-athletics-chair

4.  Zumba
Friday, Apr 20, 8-9pm, Multipurpose Room | OWU if Multipurpose is unavailable.
Zumba is a high-intensity cardio workout that involves dancing to music. Come meet new people and get a great workout at the same time! Taught by Liz Fuller from MIT Recreation.

E-mail: sp-athletics-chair

5.  Budokon Yoga
Build strength and peace with Budokon Yoga!

E-mail: sp-athletics-chair