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SP-Anno for Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017


SP events and notices:

Thursday, Feb 23, 6:30-8:30pm: Faith In Work: An MIT Graduate Alumni Dinner Discussion
Sunday, Feb 26, 8-11:59pm: Oscars with the Heads
Saturday, Mar 4, 4-5:30pm: Whole-y Cow: Sizzling Liver Cooking Class

SP Events

1.  Faith In Work: An MIT Graduate Alumni Dinner Discussion
Thursday, Feb 23, 6:30-8:30pm, MIT Sidney-Pacific (NW86) Multipurpose Room.
Join MIT graduate alumni of different backgrounds for dinner as they discuss the role faith played during their time here at MIT and in their lives and careers. RSVP at

E-mail: sp-cosi-chair

2.  Oscars with the Heads
Sunday, Feb 26, 8-11:59pm, 268.
Come watch the Oscars gala @268.
We will have:
- The new SP “retro” popcorn machine.
- Treats and bits.
- Gift movie tickets for that who foretells better than the rest of us. Game on.
[RSVP to but come anyway even if you do not]

E-mail: sp-headsofhouse

3.  Whole-y Cow: Sizzling Liver Cooking Class
Saturday, Mar 4, 4-5:30pm, MPR Kitchen.
Come join mitBEEF as we teach you how to turn "nature's multivitamin" into a gourmet meal better than anything you've had at ten times the price. Today's menu? Bacon-wrapped liver and mushrooms and All-American Roast Beef. Seats are limited, so get your ticket now! (

This event is run by mitBEEF. Sponsored by the Office of the Dean for Graduate Education and by Sid-Pac.

E-mail: mitbeef-cowncil

Recurring Events

1.  Power Yoga Class
Sunday, Oct 9, 4-5pm, Multipurpose Room or OWU or Seminar Room (if multipurpose unavailable).
Free yoga classes! Classes are held in either the multipurpose room, seminar room, or the owu room (See SP Calendar to check room) every Sunday from 4pm-5pm! Come join fellow students and enjoy relaxing yoga!

E-mail: sp-athletics-chair

2.  Zumba Classes
Monday, Oct 10, 8-9pm, Multipurpose Room or Seminar or OWA room if Multipurpose is unavailable.
Free Zumba classes! Zumba is a high-intensity cardio workout that involves dancing to music. Come meet new people and get a great workout at the same time!

E-mail: sp-athletics-chair

3.  Karate Practice
Thursday, Dec 15, 6:30-8pm, Multipurpose Room or Seminar or OWU Room.
Karate Practice - All are welcome!

E-mail: sp-athletics-chair