Publicity Policy


Postering Policy

SP residents may hang posters on the seven bulletin boards in the building. There is one bulletin board near the mailboxes, one near the computer room, one near the elevators on the north side of the building and one in each of the four elevators.

Non SP residents may leave posters at the front desk and email the publicity chairs ( and they will be hung within 48 hours.

Poster Guidelines

  • One poster per event per board
  • No larger than 8.5 x 11
  • Must bear the date on which it was posted
  • Contact information

Advertising space is limited, so posters will remain on the boards for one week before they are taken down. Posting is not permitted on doors or in hallways or on the exterior of the building. This is to not create extra work for the janitorial staff, to be courteous to our neighbors, and to protect the walls.

Posters that do not observe these guidelines will be removed.

Services offered to other SP officers

  • Lobby 7 & Infinite corridor postering
  • MIT campus postering
  • SP postering
  • Hanging posters on the poster stands in the lobby
  • Poster design
  • Advertising external announcements/events to SP community
  • Printing large & small posters

Coming soon

  • SP chalkboard & easel
  • Infinite corridor slides

Poster Creation Policy

Poster requests must be submitted no later than two weeks before the date that they should be posted. These 2 weeks will be divided into 1 week for design of the poster and 1 week to hang the posters. MIT GSC, LEF & ARCADE sponsored events must have posters up two weeks in advance, so they must be submitted at least 4 weeks in advance.

We are required to reserve Lobby 7 and Infinite corridor space 1 month in advance, so events requesting those spaces must submit their requests at least 1 month before the date the poster should go up.

The publicity chairs will make a final draft version in PowerPoint format, which will be sent back to the event organizer for final revisions and then posted.

SPTV Policy

The following groups have automatic permission to place advertisements on SPTV:

  • Sidney-Pacific House Council
  • GSC

Any other group can submit their advertisement to the editorial board for consideration. Special consideration will be given to events where a significant percentage of S-P residents could be expected to be interested in attending.

The SPTV chairs will try to process requests within a day, but to be safe you should submit ads several days in advance.

Guidelines for SPTV announcements

You may upload a slide to the UPI (Universal Publicity Interface) as an image or PowerPoint file.

  • Use landscape style (rather than portrait style)
  • Use easy-to-read fonts (i.e. Arial, Times New Roman, Impact).
  • Use font sizes of 24pt and above.