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Research Art Night: A Wine & Chocolate Social
Saturday, Feb 18, 7-9pm, MP Room.
At RAN, students can socialize and creatively explain their research in a fun but formal setting—a combo research image/art expo and wine/chocolate night, with prizes for participants, including posters of the winners' favorite art.

Phase 1: we need submissions (due 2/4)! Won't need a fancy poster, but sooner's good. Images 40 x 30 max, w/100 word max description.

Phase 2: event pub

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E-mail: sp-social-chair
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RAN is a pretty exciting event, but it takes two phases of publicity. Phase one is getting submissions. We just need to tell people what the requirements are, and that they can submit 40 x 30 images via the URLs in the description above. Any vaguely science-arty image will do—abstract colors, etc. (I'm looking for last year's poster; will send if I find).

Submission info (ripped from promo email): "Submit an image that shares the story of your research in a creative, artistic, or otherwise fun way—don’t sweat the pressure, and forget the technical terms! (Adapting from existing work is fine with proper citations.) You don’t need graphs, tables, or references, but we do ask for a snappy (100 word max) description. Demos and other forms of artworks are very welcome."

Phase two, which will start 2/4, is going to be getting people to come to the event! Here we want to advertise the wine and chocolate/fun yet fancy aspect. Steve's poster from last year was absolutely phenomenal; if possible, let's reuse it, and let's run it in the infinite corridor 2/13-2/17 (we have $100 funding for it).

Thanks for your help! Very, very excited to be working with you all on this, and I can't tell you how much we appreciate it. Please let me know (at if there's anything you need to know from me, or any way I can help.