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Photofile Committee

Photofile/Archive Chair: Yu Xia, Peter Lu

"Charged with the development and maintenance of a visual record of life at Sidney-Pacific."

In addition to two older cameras, the committee now owns a 10 megapixel Canon Digital Rebel XTi, a 580EX flash, and a 17-55mm f2.8 IS lens. Take photos with our professional SLR Camera, available for checkout to Photofile Committee members! Have a chance to get your photos featured in the front lobby. Contact sp-photofile-chair (at if you are interested in joining our committee.

The main goal of the Photography Committee is to demonstrate what a vibrant, active and social community SP really is. The Photofile Chair regularly updates the photo album on the SP website and manages the photo display in the front lobby. They also oversee several other endeavors such as photo collages and slideshows. As a committee member, you will work closely with the Photofile Chair and be assigned to cover large SP events, depending on your schedule. The committee immortalizes good times and memories at SP, as well as maintains a photographic record of all major S-P events.

SP's own Canon Rebel XTi Digital SLR. Yours to explore.

For more information, please email sp-photofile-chair (at

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