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Your Wednesday Escape!

Coffee Hour Chair: Alexis Fenton, Rohan Chitnis, Lauren Kolkman

Hello Coffee-philes!!!

Wednesday evenings, 9-10pm
Multipurpose Room

The Coffee Hour committee is pleased to provide for you a bit of coffee, tea and some sweets every Wednesday evening so that you can escape the grind of your thesis, lab and classes. We hope to see you at the weekly coffee hours as often as your schedule permits.

Occasionally, the coffee hours will have an international theme. Sidney-Pacific is very international in character and we find it important to learn about different cultures. In the past, we've already had a Caribbean, Greek, Spanish and many other cultural coffee hours - check out the pictures in the S-P Photo Album.

You can help us out! Setup takes place from 8-9pm and clean up from 10-11pm. Of course you're welcome to stay for the coffee hour.

Coffee hour duties:

  • Prepare coffee and assorted drinks
  • Prepare the food, cook or bake as necessary
  • Set up all supplies on tables
  • Make sure there are enough tables and chairs for attendees
  • Make sure the room is left clean!
  • Put all supplies away
  • Wash all dirty bowls and dishes
  • Bring extra food to the lobby for general consumption

Orientation Coffee Hour

Musical Coffee Hour

Egyptian coffee hour 25
Egyptian Coffee Hour

coffee hour 15
Officer Recruitment Coffee Hour

Photos by
SP Photo Chair

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