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Sidney and Pacific Audio Visual Resources Page

A/V Chair: Jin Wu
A/V Vice Chair: Mazen Danaf

Committee Overview

Are you a gadget junkie? Do you foam at the mouth when you sit through a movie on an oversized Hi-Fi screen with 5.1 digital surround sound? Does your pulse race when you find out about the latest in audio and visual technologies?

Well, now you can put your knowledge to use by becoming a part of the A/V Acquisitions committee. Our duty is to make all audio visual decisions for the residence. We are responsible for maintaining and updating the current A/V equipment in S-P. This is also a great opportunity for anyone, experienced or not, interested in learning more about audio visual technology.


The satellite receivers in the 3rd and 5th floor TV lounges are back in service. Please stop and take a look. To use the Satellite system follow these steps:

  1. Turn on the TV.

  2. Turn on the A/V Receiver.

  3. Turn on the Satellite Receiver. This can be done from the remote on the left hand side of the table or from the Satellite Receiver's front Panel.

  4. Switch the TV to "Video 1" input. See the A/V help sheet for more information.

  5. Select "TV/DBS" as the A/V Receiver?s source. This can be done from the A/V remote by pressing the "TV/DBS" button or from the A/V Receiver's front panel

  6. Use the Satellite Receiver's to select your desired program. You can browse trough the channels using the "Up", "Down" and numeric buttons, or you can press "Guide" to see what is being shown on every available channel.


The VCR in the 3rd floor lounge is multisystem. The DVDs in the Game Room and 5th floor TV lounge are Karaoke.



  • Connect new Owu stereo to wall-mounted speakers

  • Make universal remotes available for check-out

  • Check report of broken satellite tv in 5th floor lounge

  • Find out which kitchens do not have dvd players

  • Clean/organize MPS room

For more information, please email sp-av-chair (at

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