This is a very basic check-list. Some items may not apply to you, or there may be items that apply to you, but are not listed here. Use your judgement and don’t hesitate to ask any of the SP Officers for assistance.

Other Useful Information

The closest supermarket for grocery shopping is Star Market (on the 2nd floor on Green St, between Sidney and Landsdowne St). The closest mall is Cambridgeside Galleria.

Handy hints before arriving

Furniture in S-P

Rooms in Sidney-Pacific come with standard furniture (twin extra-long bed, desk & chair, dresser, wardrobe, bookshelf, side chair). You can see pictures of the standard furniture at Please be aware however, that there is NO storage space in S-P, so all the furniture provided with the apartments will have to stay within the apartment.

Bed sheets (linens): American size twin extra long (“Twin extra long” is also known as “extra long single.” It is 3 feet 3 inches wide and 6 ft 8 in long (39 in x 80 in) or 100 cm wide and 203 cm long.)

Be sure to look out for information on our SP-MORE program when you arrive. Residents have donated furniture and household items that will be available to new residents free of charge! [Note: SP-MORE is only for fall orientation]

Handy hints on banking for international students

The most interesting part of the MIT FCU is their credit service: You can get uncomplicated and reasonable small loans to buy a computer or a car.

For international students, you may have a hard time getting a credit card since essentially all banks require some “credit history” in the USA before they can give you credit.

The Visa card office of the MIT FCU offers 2 possibilities to work around this problem:

  1. You can ask your bank back home to give you a credit history or
  2. You deposit a certain amount on your savings account at the MIT FCU. This amount is equal to your credit card coverage. It serves as your security and you cannot touch it for a few months (while it is earning some small interest though). Once you have paid your credit card bills regularly for a while, you can ask MIT FCU to give your money free again.
  3. Admittedly during the first month it is not really a “credit” that you get with your credit card, but after this you have built a “credit history” and better chances to get higher coverage or successfully apply for other credit cards.