Hosts to International Students Program
Entered By:sp-housemanager
Description:Hosts to International Students Program - Fall gathering

I would like to request 12 round tables with 8 (so enough for 96).

We would also like 3 long tables for food, 1 for drinks, and 1 for a registration table.

Like you mentioned, it would be wonderful to have tablecloths for the round tables and long tables. You said they were red and green? Is it possible just to have all green (or all red) or does it have to be a mix? Do you have a photo of what they might look like set up?
Location:157 - Multi-purpose
159 - Multi-purpose
160 - Multi-purpose Support
161 - Multi-purpose
163 - Multi-purpose/Kitchen
Date:Wednesday, September 13, 2017
Duration:240 minutes
Organizer 1:Dana Riechman
Organizer 2:N/A
URL:Dana Riechman

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