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SPTV Chair: Yen-Ling Kuo, Kehang Han

About SPTV:

This system is first and foremost information dispersion medium in SP. A good part of the screens are used for displaying advertisement slides and videos for upcoming events. The information bar on the left displays the time, current weather, shuttle information. Headlines from major news sources, and upcoming events are also displayed.

The SPTV chairs maintain both the physical components (Raspberry Pis, monitors, tuners, power supplies) and the software running behind the scenes. We attend SP events (and sometimes hold our own). We take videos, and edit and post clips on the monitors for all to see.

How to submit files for SPTV:

To submit videos, please directly e-mail sp-sptv-chair (at

For images, the best file format is PNG. Other acceptable image formats are JPG and GIF. You'd be doing us a great big favor by saving any Powerpoint files as PNG as explained in Step 5.

1. Most people prefer to generate their images using PowerPoint.

2. Image Size: Images should be no smaller than 640x480. They should also be in landscape orientation (wider than they are tall). Images that don't meet this and the following criteria can still be posted, but they won't look very good.

3. Font Size: Television has much lower resolution than your monitor. Tiny fonts won't be legible.

4. Colors: Use your imagination, but keep in mind that mild colors like baby-pink or lavender dont show up well. The best is to use a light background and dark foreground (fonts) or vice versa.

5. Convert to PNG in Powerpoint: In powerpoint, you can save your .ppt file as .png by doing the following:
(a) In the powerpoint Menu bar, go to "File" -> "Save as"
(b) In the "Save as Type" box, choose "PNG Portable Network Graphics Format"
(c) Click on "Save"

6. Submit the file: using the Unified Publicity Interface.


Q. What is SPTV?
A. SPTV = Sidney-Pacific Television. SPTV displays on sixteen public monitors throughout the building: one in the main lobby above the front desk, and one opposite to each elevator door.

Q. How does SPTV work?
A. Each SPTV is driven by a Raspberry Pi computer that displays a webpage, which displays the SPTV main screen.

Q. What is being displayed on SPTV?
A. Images (flyers, photos, etc.), a clock, real-time weather, NW shuttle schedules, news headlines, and upcoming events.

Q. What can I submit to SPTV?
A. We are happy to display almost anything with informational or artistic value. This includes announcements, videos and photos.

Q. I have many cool ideas for SPTV. How do I get involved with SPTV?
A. Nominations are now open! Go apply to become the next SPTV chair! Prior experience is not necessary. If you would like more information or to discuss this role, please e-mail the current SPTV chairs (sp-sptv-chair).

This page last updated May 2009

For more information, please email sp-sptv-chair (at

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