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Getting the word out!
- SP Publicity -

Publicity Chair: Miaorong Wang, Li-Wen Wang, Demi Fang

Please send posters to sp-publicity-chair at least two weeks before your event to make sure that it can be well publicized.

What can SP publicity do for you?

  • Design slides for SPTV
  • Print color letter-size posters for your SP events
  • Post flyers in public areas (elevators and main bulletin boards) for SP events
    please use pdf format if possible and for large jobs, place the posters on the web rather than emailing them directly

What can you do for SP publicity?
  • Join the SP Publicity committee: email sp-publicity-chair
  • Remove outdated posters
  • Thumbtacks on the bulletin boards are like a family - if you take one away the rest will be sad
  • Help catch/report/eliminate the infamous "poster slasher"

For more information, please email sp-publicity-chair (at

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