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Plants Committee

Plants Chair: Rebecca Zhang

The Plants Committee cares for the 80+ plants around SP and helps involve SP residents in a bunch of healthy and green activities. Helping look after these plants will give you a true sense of belonging in SP. In addition to watering and caring for all of the plants throughout the building, the Plants Committee also helps organize the annual plants sale during Orientation to make residents give their rooms a more "home" feeling, and various events throughout the year, including fun trips to the Arnold Arboretum, fall foliage and others.

List of SP Plant-Watering Volunteers, by floor

Number of plants in room in parentheses

  • 1F (None): Main Lobby (1)
  • 2F (Zoe): Outside Lounge (2), In front of N elevator (3)

  • 3F (Yajing Zhao): Main Lobby (6), N elevator/Study Room (6), North Deck(4)

  • 4F (Tianxiao Shen): In front of N elevator(2)

  • 5F (Annie Yu): Main Lobby (10), In front of N elevator/Study Room(2) , Under Sun Roof (8)

  • 6F (Annie Yu): Main Lobby (2)
  • 7F (Jay Sircar): Deck (3)

  • 8F (None):Outside elevator(1), Along Rails(2)

  • 9F (Jane Lai/Hosea Siu): Underneath the sun roof (4)
    We're always looking for more plants volunteers to a) water floor plants, b) help with potting/repotting plants, c) help purchase new plants, and d) think of other ways to add greenery to SP. Please e-mail sp-plants-chair(at for more information and to sign up.

    For more information, please email sp-plants-chair (at

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