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Sidney-Pacific Music Committee

Music Chair: Andrew Licini

Got music?

The Music Committee is all about music. Making music. Hearing music. Living music.

SP is home to a vibrant community of highly talented individuals, both those who have a desire to create music and those who have a desire to experience music.

To this end, the objectives of the Music Committee are:

  • Provide Musical Resources: As part of the Office of Resources, one of the primary tasks of the Music Committee is to maintain and grow SP's impressive collection of musical resources: pianos, a drum set, an acoustic guitar, song books and more.

  • Organize Events to Hear Music: Boston and Cambridge have a great music scene. Watch the SP Anno and join the sp-igroups-music mailing list to stay up to date on the latest subsidized events to go and watch music all around Cambridge/Boston.

  • Organize Events to Make Music: There is a fantastic amount of creativity within SP. Stay tuned to the SP Anno and sp-igroups-music mailing list for a chance to harness that creative energy. Events include jam sessions and the annual resident concert.

Have any ideas for new resources or events? Just shoot an email to your friendly music chair at sp-music-chair (at

Know about a cool concert coming up and want to invite fellow SP residents? Send an email to sp-igroups-concerts (at

For more information, please email sp-music-chair (at

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