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"Culture is what remains in a human being after he has forgotten everything" (a Japanese pedagogue, cited by Edouard Herriot)

Cultural Chair: Pratik Modi


Welcome to the SP Cultural Committee page!

Mission: The SP Cultural Committee aims at raising the cultural awareness of residents, and at encouraging cultural exchange between students from different countries, backgrounds and religions. Here are a few of the activities and events we organized since 2002:

Spring 2007 activities

  • Outing to the Boston Ballet: A Midsummer's Night Dream (Feb. 16) with ~ 40 residents

  • Cultural Coffee Hour for the Chinese/Korean New Year (Feb. 21)

  • Korean Coffee Hour (April 4) together with the Korean Graduate Student Association: home-cooked Korean food, performances, traditional clothing

  • Latin /South American Coffee Hour (April 18): Performance of La Cupula

  • Portugese Coffee Hour (April 25) with the Portugese Students Association

Fall 2006 activities

  • Colors of Yunnan: Outing to Chinese Cultural Performance (Sept. 9)

  • Chinese Cultural Coffee Hour with Mooncakes (Oct. 4)

  • Diwali Celebration: Indian Cultural Coffee Hour with Dance Performance by Shane Cambridge (Oct. 25)

  • Dinner and Ballet Swan Lake performed by the Kirov Ballet (Nov. 10) for around ~40 residents

  • Lebanese Cultural Coffee Hour with Lebanese Club at MIT (Nov. 29)

Summer 2006 activities

  • Cultural Festival: June 17, 2006
    Bhangra Medley by Shane Cambridge
    Greek folk dances: by Hellenic Students’ Association
    The Mountain Stream (Zheng instrument) by CSSA
    Dancing to Swing music: by T-Token Swing Lindy Hop and other American dances
    Rueda by Boston Rueda de Casino
    Serbia, Montenegro, and other post-Yugoslav states by MOST
    Song of the Dragon Boat (Chinese folk song) Every Time is the First Time (Chinese pop song) by CSSA

  • Taste of Cambridge Outing

Spring 2005 activities
  • Chinese New Year (Feb. 8); in collaboration with CSSA

  • 'The Little Prince'@ The Schubert Theater (Feb. 17)

  • S-P Tsunami Fundraising/Indian Cultural Hour: A Music and Dance Show (Feb.23); in collaboration with Sangam

  • CATS @ The Wang Theater (Feb. 24)
  • Turkish Cultural Hour: A Folk Music Show (Mar. 30);in collaboration with Turkish Student Association at MIT

Fall 2004 activities
  • 'A Child of Life' in collaboration with Lebanese Club at MIT(Sep. 18)

  • Ramadan @MIT with MIT Muslim Students' Association (Oct. 18)
  • African Cultural Hour with The African Students' Association (Oct. 20)

  • The Lord of the Rings Exhibition, Museum of Science (Oct. 24)

  • Day of the Dead with Lucha, Club Mex, La Unidad, Latina Inc., Mariachi Internacional del Tecnologico (Nov. 2)
  • 'Taming of the Shrew' Ballet with GSC (Nov. 4)
  • 'Sangam Diwlai Nite' with Indian Student Association at MIT (Nov. 5)
  • Chinese Cultural Exchange Evening with MIT Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA) (Nov. 13)
  • Fair Trade Coffee Hour with Students for Labor Justice (Nov. 17)

Spring 2004 activities
  • Trip to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum (February 14)

  • Tosca -- Schubert theater (April 2)

  • Brazilian Cultural Hour -- joint with the Brazilian Students Association (April 7)

  • Polish Cultural Hour (April 14)

  • Swan Lake -- Wang theater (May 21)

Fall 2003 activities
  • Italian Cultural Hour-- joint with the European Club and MITaly (Oct 22)

  • Ramadan dinner--joint with the Muslim Students Association (Oct 29)

  • Museum of Fine Arts-- Exhibition: "Rembrandt's Journey" (Oct 31)

  • French Cultural Hour-- joint with the European Club and the Francophone Club (Nov 5)

  • Arab / Persian Cultural Hour -- joint with the Arab Students Association and the Persian Students Organization (Nov 19)
  • The Nutcracker-- Wang Theater (Dec 5)

Summer 2003 activities
  • The Flags project - joint with Housemasters (SP main lobby)

  • Chinese Cultural hour (Aug 27)

  • Orientation trip to the Museum of Fine Arts (Sept 1)

  • Spanish Cultural hour (Sept 10)

  • Cultural Treasure Hunt around Cambridge, Boston and surroundings (Sept 14)

Spring 2003 activities
  • Lebanese Cultural hour

  • Greek Cultural hour

  • Turkish Cultural hour

  • Hong Kong Cultural hour

  • Indian Cultural hour

  • Museum of Fine Arts (Exhibition: "The French Landscape from Corot to Monet")

  • Romeo and Juliet ballet (Wang theater)

Fall 2002 activities
  • Caribbean coffee hour

  • Ramadan dinner

  • Museum of Fine Arts (Exhibition: "Jasper Johns to Jeff Koons: Four Decades of Art from the Broad Collections")
  • The Nutcracker (Wang Theater)

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