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Sidney Pacific Brunch Committee

Brunch Chair: Shalini Gupta
Brunch Vice Chair: Jackie Baek

The Sidney and Pacific Brunch Committee is responsible for holding Sunday Brunches, open to all S&P residents and MIT graduate students. This year's committee has thus far held brunches every month, which have been made successful by an excellent group of volunteers! We're always looking for volunteers for these events, which demand a minimal time commitment. We enjoy acting as a venue for MIT student musicians, so if you are looking for a place to perform, get in touch with us! We are also always interested in feedback (mainly positive), so email us at the address listed on this page!

Typical Menu:
Eggs, Potatoes, Bacon, Sausage/Meatballs, Beans, Pancakes, French Toast, Bagels, Croissants, Pastries, Assorted Fresh Fruit, Juices, Coffee, Milk, Whatever we want to add in for fun!

Where we get our supplies:

We get most of our food and supplies from Costco. Where else can you buy 50 dozen eggs for cheap?

We get our fruits and vegetables from Haymarket, a year-round outdoor market near Faneuil Hall in Boston.

Random words of advice to the next Brunch chair: If it's nice out, get the alarms on the doors to the courtyard turned off. Be careful with the plugs in the Multipurpose room - the waffle/pancake machines can (and will) overload the circuits. Don't forget to start the coffee an hour & a half before people are going to show up. Divide and conquer - and make it a routine: we had specific people do specific things at each brunch, and we all got so used to it, no one needed to remind each other to do anything! Let people change things up and work on different things if they want to, though. If your adding special menu items, 3 is a good rule-of-thumb max for add-ons before you have to start replacing regular menu options.

-Created by Jess Vey, S-P Brunch Chair 2002-2003 (last update March 2014)

For more information, please email sp-brunch-chair (at

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