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Bikes Chair: Pinyi Chen

SP Bike Share - What is it?

The Bike Share program is a free resource for residents of Sidney Pacific. Our current fleet includes 6 bicycles, with different specifications. They are located in the (bikeshare exclusive) yellow racks by the outside door in the west bike room.

A resident wanting to make use of these bikes only has to complete a short sign up process to get access to the Bike Share Calendar(See below).

This system is perfect for people that don't want to deal with the hassle of owning a bike, but want one, for example, to go on a day trip, or for grocery shopping.

Last but not least, remember that even though you don't own these bikes, they are part of the SP community, so if there is something broken or missing, please email the bikes chair (

How does it work?
There is no membership fee or added responsibility for members. The only requirement is that you are a current SP resident and you email and receive a reply from the Bikes chair. Remember that the bikes chair is also a student, so should not leave this for the last minute, as he or she might not be able to get back to you!

Once you have access to the calendar, you can check it, and make a reservation for the desired bike. Your reservation should me made before noon the day before you want the bike, can be made for up to 2 bikes per resident, and its valid for the whole day of your reservation. You will get the keys for your bike either in your mailbox or in person from the bikes chair(evening before or early morning of the day), and the keys should be returned the same day of the reservation before 10pm. To find your bike, go to the yellow racks in the west bike room, and look for the tag under the seat.

To make a reservation, create an event for the time period you would like the rental and enter the bike number, your name, MIT email, and phone number.

Here is an example:
Example Reservation:
(April 1st, 1-5PM)
ZB1 (black Shogun): Joel Jean,, 937-286-6858

What bike should I take and how do I use it?
Six bikes are currently available for rental: ZB1 (black Shogun), ZB2 (black single-speed), ZB3, ZB4, ZB5 and a road bike. I highly encourage you to go down to the bike room and choose the bike you want to borrow this way, and inspect it for damage(let the bikes chair know if you find any: ), to avoid surprises.

Locking your bike: If space permits, pass the U-lock through the front wheel, the frame, and the bike rack, to prevent theft of front wheel. Try to minimize time the bike is locked outside the bike room.

When returning your bike, inspect it for damage and lock it in the same rack where you found it in the West Bike Room.
Make sure that:
(A) Both tires are inflated and both wheels appear otherwise undamaged (i.e., no bent or broken spokes)
(B) The correct U-lock is returned with the bike
(C) The brakes are functioning correctly
(D) The bike remains in good condition and ready for the next resident to use.

If any of these conditions are not met, please email the bikes chair( so the bike can be repaired.

A small disclaimer, which 99% of you don't really have to care about:
You are responsible for any damage done to the bicycle while it is rented under your name, so please take care of your rented bike. Minor damage, if reported immediately after returning the bike, will NOT be penalized; if a user reports damage before taking a bike out, however, the previous user will be charged for the damage.

Bikes borrowed through this program may NOT be locked outside of SP for private use. If a Bike Share bike is not in use, it must be locked in its appropriate spot on the Bike Share racks in the West Bike Room. If a U-lock key is lost, your account will be charged $40 towards the purchase of a new lock.

What if I need my personal bike fixed?
Does your bike need servicing? Email! We may be able to help.

For more information, please email sp-bikes-chair (at

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