Having problems with the Video Tour?

You need the latest version of Macromedia flash to view some of the movies on this page. Also, the Macintosh's version of Quicktime does not currently support the wmv version used to make the video tour. Typically it will play the audio track, but not the video. You can still view these files directly using another video player. We recommend MPlayer which can either be downloaded directly, or installed from the SPinfoCD directory, sw/mac. Be warned that it requires a relatively recent machine, (G4 or later), to run well.

The links below should allow you to directly download the wmv files, and they can then be played from disk. This may also help if you are having performance problems. If the link doesn't allow you to download, you will have to manually copy the files to your disk.

Note to Windows Users

However, because Microsoft refuses to follow accepted Mime standards, you will probably find that you don't get a file download prompt when you use these links. The files will need to be copied directly from the cd manually, you can find them in the directory movies on the CD.


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