About SPinfoCD

Welcome to Sidney-Pacific, MIT's newest and largest graduate residence!!

The SPinfoCD gives you a bird's eye-view about the community you are soon to be part of. All information on this CD has been compiled to help you ease into the new environment at MIT and to your new residential community.

We hope you will use this CD to get to know us, Virtually, at least!

See you soon!

Your friends at Sidney Pacific


This CD has been written and tested for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS/OSX compatability. It uses Flash 6 animation, and wmv format movies. Copies of helper applications that we believe should work are also included on the cd if you are having problems. Please see below for specific advice on particular platform/browser combinations. If none of that helps, feel free to email spinfocd@mit.edu for assistance. We would also appreciate it greatly if you could drop us a note with any problems that you encounter and resolve, so that we can sort them out for the next edition of the cd.

Platform Specific Help
Windows Mac Linux

If all else fails, when you get here, the cd should work on all the computers in the Sidney Pacific athena cluster. Probably.

Credits for the SPinfoCD

The SPinfoCD has been the result of a cumulative effort of successive years of Sidney-Pacific residents. We acknowledge and appreciate all of their contributions.

Credits for the 2007 SPinfoCD

CD Author

Jonathan Ragan-Kelley, Wendy Iskenderian, James Lee, Nan Gu

Orientation Guide

Lynne Waldman, Natalija Jovanovic

Photo Credits

SP Photofile committee, Daniel Myers, Wenhao Liu

Project Management

Wendy Iskenderian

Credits for the 2006 SPinfoCD

CD Author

Wendy Iskenderian, Wenhao Liu

Orientation Guide

Jesse Edgerton, Alison Kremer

Photo Credits

Daniel Myers, Wenhao Liu

Project Management

Wendy Iskenderian, Ben Mares

Credits for the 2005 SPinfoCD

CD Author

Nadeem Mazen, Esmeralda Megally, Lennon Rodgers, Krishnan Sriram

Orientation Guide

Lennon Rodgers, Tsoline Mikaelian

Photo Credits

Johnna Powell

Cover Art

Waleed Farahat

Project Management

Lennon Rodgers, Krishnan Sriram

Credits for the 2004 SPinfoCD

CD Author

Apostolos Fertis, Jacky Mallett

Orientation Guide

Adrian KC Lee, Jose Alberto Ortega

Photo Credits

Johnna Powell, Leonide Saad

Project Management

Krishnan Sriram, Ioannis Bertsatos, Laura Cham, Timothy Chan

SPinfoCD Pioneers

The Team that created the SPinfoCD concept in 2003

CD Author

Jacky Mallett


Vikas Sharma Ioannis Bertsatos, Dennis Meaney, Ali Motamedi, Natalija Jovanovic, Anita Villanueva, Lucy Wong, Abdallah Jabbour, David Oertel, Sara Hupp

Content Development / Logistics

Michele Aghassi, Shelly Levy-Tzedek, Neeti Gupta, Natalija Jovanovic, Anita Villanueva, Yanir Rubinstein, Caitlin Devereaux

Project Management and Cover Artwork Design

Krishnan Sriram

Comments about the SPinfoCD can be mailed to spinfocd[at]mit[dot]edu


We thank the Dean of Graduate Students Ike Colbert, the Dean for Student Life Larry Benedict and Tony Gray for their support.

The SPinfoCD was sponsored by the Student Life Fee funds for the enhancement of the quality of life for graduate students.

Contact Information for Questions

Orientation sp-orientation-chair[at]mit[dot]edu
Housing sp-housemanager[at]mit[dot]edu
Sidney Pacific Community spec[at]mit[dot]edu

We welcome feedback about this CD, and how useful it was for you at spinfocd[at]mit[dot]edu.

Copyright Information

All background music in the video is royalty free. Software applications provided for the video are public domain open source. No graduate students were harmed in any way during the production of this CD, including the editing team.

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